At Stansfield Law School, students enrolled benefit from academic support outside of the lectures such as personalised assisted learning where students are required to design their own study plan for the duration of their course. During these sessions students may also arrange for personal consultations with our full-time lecturers for academic guidance. The discussion and study groups also form a useful avenue for students to experience peer to peer teaching and learning. Additionally, students also have access to the following resources and support relevant to their programme.


PAL is a system that allows students to arrange for one-on-one sessions with lecturers. This system acts to support what students have learnt during lectures to reinforce learning or clarify any doubts. If one-on-one sessions seem a bit daunting, students are also encouraged to approach the lecturers as a group so that students may also learn from their peers.


A student’s first week of school will typically consist of introductory lectures that slowly ease students into their new course. At Stansfield Law School, we aim to take it up a notch.

In addition to these introductory lectures, we feel that it is important that students learn useful study skills and develop an effective work method from the start. With that said, induction week will have talks on how to study effectively, impart vital note-taking skills, teach students how to manage stress and how to plan a study timetable.



All students of Stansfield Law School will be granted access to our Student Portal which is a virtual study support platform.

The Student Portal houses soft copies of lecture notes and PowerPoint slides used during lectures. In addition to that, all lectures are recorded and uploaded onto the Student Portal for ease of revision. Students will also receive updates on your timetable and curriculum here.