At Stansfield Law School, we provide pastoral care to our full-time students so that they can achieve as much success as possible. We understand that success does not hinge solely on academic talent but personal growth as well. We aim to help our students grow by catering to their respective needs within the limits of our resources. At Stansfield Law School, your holistic development matters.


Pre-Admission Counselling refers to the information that prospective students should be provided with pertaining to their intended programme. The information includes admission testing, programme structure, academic progression, award and fee information, refund, withdrawal and transfer policies and the student services available for students at Stansfield Law School.


Stansfield  Law School will endeavour to assist students with a disability and/or have special needs to be considered for, and admitted into our programmes. Students are advised that the School cannot guarantee that it can meet a student’s requirements for special arrangements. Making special arrangements can be a lengthy and complicated process and it is important that we discuss them as soon as possible. Please let us know if you have any specific access requirements so that we can discuss possible support. We may be able to provide support such as special examination arrangements or the provision of study materials in an alternative format.

Examples of students who may require special examination or support arrangements include:

  • Disabled students
  • Students with learning difficulties
  • Students with a medical condition


Personal counselling is a process that facilitates self-discovery and growth, and most students at one time or another can benefit from personal counselling. Counselling can help improve self-confidence, relationships, academic performance, and decision making for your overall well-being. The SCS provides counselling for concerns that are common among students.


We believe that all Stansfield Law School students have the potential to succeed. Troubles arise, however, when students are missing a key element of excellence. Our academic tutors or lecturers help each student to determine what she or he is missing and then together seek a solution.