The Stansfield Law School organizes induction programmes for its students every academic year to introduce new students to study life. A variety of short workshops at the beginning of the academic year is designed to provide information and support on issues relevant to new students. These are aimed at easing the transition into Stansfield as well as facilitating academic and personal success.

As part of our orientation, students are paired up with seniors who can answer questions about the School and its programmes.


Stansfield Law School hosts career workshops for all its students. We believe that school should not just impart knowledge found in books but also teach you how to prepare yourself for the real world.

Career workshops consist of a series of talks that cover skills like resume writing, how to conduct yourself during an interview, how to transition from being a student to a working adult, how to dress for the working world, problem-solving in the workplace, how to deal with difficult clients and even how to manage office politics.


The School monitors the academic progress of all its full-time students and student progress reports are sent on a term basis to parents of enrolled students. The progress reports include comments and feedback from each individual subject lecturers as well as the grades achieved for assignments, term tests and internal examinations.